Jan 2021 - Present

North America Quality Program Manager 

•    Work with software engineers to develop a quality management system used by over 1000 Lenovo employees
•    Define system requirements and create wireframe design to translate employee requirements to the software engineering team
•    Create training videos and other internal marketing to support release of new software features 
•    Develop Quality teams’ foray into the Everything as a Service model with Quality as a Service
•    Represent the Lenovo Product Engineering team to large enterprise customers
•    Travel to customer sites to proactively build relationships and reactively address critical issues
•    Provide support to sales engineering and technical account managers
•    Distill and communicate technical topics to non-technical stakeholders

•    Present to executive team on high severity quality issues

Jan. 2020 - Jan 2021

Chromebook Quality Program Manager

•    Collaborated with product managers to drive lessons learned into the development cycle
•    Traveled internationally to represent customer pain points on the offering’s definition team as an education subject matter expert
•    Worked with Google and other key stakeholders to develop strategic projects designed to reduce Chromebook quality issues, repair time, and response time
•    Created the largest beta program in Lenovo history to find early life failures
•    Visited over 30 school districts to better understand user requirements, usage, and pain points
•    Received the Team Excellence Award for the team's effort on improving Chromebook quality

Oct. 2018 - Jan. 2020

Consumer Quality Engineer 

•    Performed root cause analysis on systemic, safety or other key quality issues as part of a level 3 escalation
•    Developed and implemented solutions for critical situations impacting consumer and education devices
•    Evaluated and performed teardowns on new products using insight gained from customer visits and previously resolved quality issues
•    Trained internal and external technicians on repair actions for critical quality issues
•    Responded to escalations by traveling onsite to perform root cause analysis
•    Received the Individual Excellence Award after developing a custom solution to a customer complaint


Jan. 2019

Stevens Institute of Technology
Master of Engineering in System Engineering

May 2018

Stevens Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering