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Staff Product Engineer, Jan 2020-Present | Product Engineer, Oct 2018 - Dec 2019
Morrisville, NC


After applying to 300 jobs at 200 companies, going through 17 interviews, getting 3 other offers that "didn't feel right" - I wound up at Lenovo replacing a retiring senior engineer. As a Product Engineer for Education devices, my job is to solve technical problems after the traditional support process has failed to resolve the customers issue. Working for Lenovo in this role has allowed me to travel around the country and world. Recently, my travel has been proactive - in that I have visited education customers around the country to discuss how we can do better in terms of product quality and support. Overall, the grueling job search and 500 mile relocation has yielded the best job in the world.

Stevens Institute of Technology

ME Systems Engineering, BE Mechanical Engineering, 2013-2018
Hoboken, NJ


My jam packed, five years at Stevens was an indescribable adventure. Never before had I been surrounded by such a critical mass of drive and like-minded people. At Stevens, I was dipped my fingers in every activity imaginable - from a fraternity, writing for the campus news paper, starting my own companies, starting a pair of clubs, and broadening my world view through a life changing study abroad in Brighton, England.

Thomas Polise Consulting Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Intern, Jan 2016-May 2016 + Aug 2016-Dec 2016
New York, NY


One of the benefits of a small (<20 people) company was that I was given an opportunity to have a large impact. During my first rotation, I worked on surveying existing HVAC systems and drawing HVAC systems in CAD. I was fortunate enough to be brought on for a second rotation where I work on process optimization and building custom tools in excel and AutoCAD to increase productivity.


Geotechnical Engineering Intern, May 2015-Aug 2015
New York, NY


The best part about the Stevens Coop program, was figuring out what you looked for in a company. AKRF quickly became my standard for what a company culture should be. However, it also made me realize that I do not want anything to do with anything civil engineering related. The biggest takeaway from AKRF was to put forth a high quality of work while working on a perpetual time crunch.


CEO, April 2014- July 2015
Hoboken, NJ


Modularity was a startup formed during my freshmen year to create a custom power strip marketed towards the college student. Modu-Strip, raised over $10,000 on Kickstarter. The product revolved around the user being able to build their own power strip to suit their needs. Need a USB charger - there was a modublock for that which could be plugged into the greater unit. Modulairty showed me the highs and lows that come with startups and leadership but, more importantly grew my interest in developing products.

Hunter Douglas

Systems Analyst Intern, Aug 2014 - Dec 2014
Pearl River, NY


The first "real" job I ever had. Working at the HD HQ, I was responsible for assisting with everything IT related - from laptops and TVs to projectors and wireless networks. Only, since it was a headquarters, I was working directly with C level leaders. Hunter Douglas not only kicked off my interest in computers but gave me ample experience working under pressure to solve a problem.